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My Small History

Hello, I am Isabel:

My passion for the Maltese begins in the 1995. My liking for the dogs, these wonderful beings begin from my childhood. I could never have since a dog at home we were too many as so that there is another member more.

In my dear city, Barcelona, of small, one used to not do many children with dogs, since it is a city where one lives very quickly and the members of the family usually work always, and it is for that reason that he/she doesn’t have too much time for one, if he/she also has to take care of an animal. But the thing changed for me, when to my family they transferred it to live to Málaga.

After a lot to fight with my parents and already in my youth, I got that allows me to have a dog. It was not a great dog, neither a dog of a special race, it was only a mestizo dog, but it stops my sisters and for me it was the best in the best thing. It was it CHIMES. CHIME unfortunately he/she died soon, it was very young but he/she left an indelible print.

Then other more dogs came, and they lived with us a lot of time.

NINA a big and beautiful Montaña of Pirineo.

NORA my first YORKSHIRE TERRIER and NELA a JAPANESE beautiful and white SPIZ.

But my life gave a turn of hundred eighty grades, when in a Spanish famous magazine I saw announced a litter of BICHON MALTESE. Fortunately I bought to NOIA (SILK TOUCH OF COSCOLLETA). She is today per today my most valuable dog. NOIA was a beautiful and turbulent puppy of three months when he/she entered in my life.

Soon I began to work with her, teaching it to pose and to walk with belt. To the five months he/she began to move in Ring. Little by little he/she went getting their first victories and at the same time I went learning more and more on the forms and behaviors that the Maltese should continue in Ring.

NOIA won in many occasions and it was able to be of the first ones in the positions of Group. It didn’t get the title of Champion from Spain, since I crossed it and when giving birth to and in the nursing of their first puppies, it lost their long and silky hair practically.

Then NOI (IDYLL OF HANGARILLA) would come a typically European male, with some characteristics inside the very good race. NOI got many victories in its youth. I crossed NOI and NOIA and they gave a small and beautiful female that calls you ISIS (CH. AIDA DE NEU BLANC).

ISIS is a magnificent Maltese with a long and heavy silky hair.

ISIS got its title of Champion from Andalusia, with only eighteen months of age.
Then I crossed NOIA with an American male, a champion of several countries CASH (CH. CRISANDRA’S WHITE CASHMIRE).

My great adventure with this wonderful race, begins when I know VICTOR (CH. RHAPSODY’S DIVINE VICTORY). When I saw it for the first time I fell in love at once with him. I had to move to AUSTIN (TEXAS), to buy it.

VICTOR is an American Champion with one of the best lines of blood in America. In their Pedigree we find up to 22 titles of Champions American and numerous ROM.

ROM means Recognition of Merit and that honor is granted to the parents that have more than three Champion children, and to the mothers that have more than five Champions.

VICTOR is an American magnificent copy, with a long, silky and heavy hair. He/she has a special behavior and their form of to be and to walk in Ring he/she makes him to get their Victories. VICTOR has been able to be made in very little time with CHAMPION’S Title DE PORTUGAL, INTERNATIONAL and of ANDALUCÍA.

And until here my small history, I hope the following pages are of your pleasure and that you like my dogs as much as to me.

My husband, is a great lover of this race shares my liking and thanks to its inestimable help, today per today we have the luck to be a great family.

If you have some doubt or question you don’t have more than to call me and charmed I will respond you.

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